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How is A.V. Knowles & Co. different from other companies?

  1. Fully owned and managed by Attorneys at Law.
  2. Simultaneous recovery action through credit bureau reporting of delinquents & legal suit by in house Attorneys.
  3. Attorney services are included free in our contingency plan for debt collection.
  4. 24/7 Free Online access for clients to accounts status & progress.
  5. One stop shop from initial Investigation to Levy of execution on Judgments.
  6. All collection accounts accepted on Contingency i.e. "No collection No charge"
  7. All bad debts accepted for Credit Bureau listing only.

Do you only cover accounts in Trinidad and Tobago?

No. Our regional network covers all Caribbean Island countries (English, French & Dutch jurisdictions) and we have GCS partners in over 70 Countries worldwide, making us truly global.

What is the minimum balance required in order for a debt to be perused?

We accept claims of US $500 & upwards.

What are your rates?

Collection rates are based on total volume placed, age of debt and debtor profiles standard rate is 25% NO Collection no Charge (& including legal action).

So if you don't collect I don't pay?

No - we get paid only on results.

Does the Debtor pay my company or A.V. Knowles & Co.?

Under Trinidad law, debtors can pay either to the agency or to you the creditor. However if payment is received by you, you must notify us immediately.

What do I need to provide in order to submit a claim?

Copies of last statement or Invoice & full particulars of the debtor (name, address & IDs) with copy of signed consent clause for credit bureau.

How long does it take for me to get my money once you collect?

ALL funds received by our COMPANY are remitted to Clients, with a detailed statement, net of commissions, once per month at the end of our Accounting period which is the 15th day of each month.

Is a private investigator used on every account?

NO. Private Investigators are used only for field collection, skip tracing and assets Investigation.

What is your success rate?

Based on 7500 Accounts over 24 months old, received by us during 2011, the success rate in achieving payments was maintained at 24%

What if the company is in Receivership/Liquidation, can you help?

It depends on the type of receivership or liquidation, but generally NO such claims are uncollectible & written off.

Can you provide legal advice?

All legal services relating to debt collection are provided free of charge by our Attorneys up to default Judgment stage.