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Debt Collection Agency - A.V. Knowles & Co.

We have the cure! A.V Knowles & Co. combines Attorney Debt Recovery action on a "NO Collection NO Charge" basis, including Legal Services free of charge in our commission rate (up to default Judgment stage & provided the case is deemed feasible by our Legal Dept). With immediate CREDIT BUREAU reporting, dissemination & listing of each delinquency (subject to compliance) both in the AV Knowles Data base & the Trans Union Trinidad online system. In debt collection practice, this constitutes a unique combination of resources.

In the case of collection accounts where we start legal action, our services are free up to registration of a Default Judgment. If the debtor files a defense and the case has to go to trial, we will discuss with you the implications of proceeding to trial. Our commission is based on what is collected, paid to you, or A. V. Knowles & Co., after the accounts are placed with us.

When you subscribe to our membership, you may place any number of debt accounts for collection, free of charge, during your period of membership. We have four (4) in-house Attorneys who undertake all legal transactions, and approximately thirty (30) Field Collectors, who visit defaulters to obtain settlement.

Affiliated to us is a specialist team of Private Investigators whose expertise is utilized in warranted circumstances. We execute the whole debt collection process.

We offer a "One-Stop Shop"

Specialized Services

Through our network coverage of 60 international partners affiliated to GLOBAL CREDIT SOLUTIONS we can offer a unique pool of core professionals to verify background, history and status or credit worthiness of retail or commercial entities worldwide, plus undertake due diligence searches or organized Brand protection investigations to suit your business needs. These services are custom tailored to fit your specific Corporate needs and fees are negotiated in advance subject to agreement. Please contact us under confidential cover at avkceo@avknowles.com.