T&T to fulfil 2001 anti-corruption pledge

Transparency International:

Friday, April 17th 2009

Trinidad and Tobago is one of nine countries that has only implemented just over half of 249 recommendations of the Inter-American Convention against corruption that they adopted during the Organisation of American States general assembly in 2001.

This is the finding of a Transparency International (TI) report released to the media during a news conference held at the International Financial Centre yesterday on the eve of the opening of (OAS) Fifth Summit of the Americas.

TI also released the findings of its report in Berlin, Germany, yesterday.

The report is entitled “The State of Anti-Corruption Assessing Government Action in the Americas” is a report on an evaluation of Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina, Canada, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru which all being represented during the summit.

“The fight against corruption is of vital importance for-securing our citizens’ future by promoting human prosperity, energy security and environmental sustainability, theme of the Fifth Summit of the Americas. Corruption has been described as one of the greatest problems of our time,” the report said.

In media release issued yesterday, TI noted that on the implementation of the Inter-American convention recommendations Trinidad and Tobago and the eight other OAS countries assessed-received a total of 249 recommendations, from which only 59 per cent.

TI’s evaluation of Trinidad and Tobago and the eight other OAS countries stated that regarding the regulation of conflicts of interest 145 measures were recommended to all the parties of the Inter-American Convention.

“No information on progress with respect to implementation was reported for 60 of those measures (41 per cent); 64 of them (44 per cent) require additional attention; and the remaining 21 (15 per cent) were satisfactorily considered,” TI’s report stated.

The stance on corruption had been supported by all OAS member states during the First Summit of the Americas in 1994.

The Inter-American Convention was signed and ratified by all the OAS member states except Barbados in 2003.